Our Services

Our Services

The process of construction requires careful study and planning. RMD ensures all aspects of the project are engineered, planned, executed and analyzed with due diligence. Our aim is to be On Time, On Budget, and with Excellent Quality.


Our experience in retail, commercial, medical, food & beverage, corporate offices and joinery coupled with our talented designers enable us to marry form and function in order to achieve the most opulent interiors. This coupled with our cooperation with several renowned designers locally and around the globe extend our design capabilities to endless horizons.

You wish, we design.


RMD takes pride in delivering top quality manufacturing with excellent finishes. Our team of finishing carpenters and painters are well experienced and can take on the most challenging of tasks from marquetry, carving, complex shapes to straight forward designs. Our equipment is of Italian make in order to ensure tight tolerances during fabrication.

You imagine, we create.


Starting with accurate setting-out to sequenced fit-out our team of site carpenters, masons, painters, MEP technicians ensure that the job is executed with the end in mind. Our multicultural work force shares a common first language – interior fit out.

You dream, we deliver.




We have mastered refreshing and reviving spaces by recreating and upgrading design, look and feel to exceed Client’s expectation. We give a brand-new experience for the space and build lasting impressions on our clients.

You visualize, we remake.


We’ve proven our competence and skills in reinstatement and remodeling works that give a fresh look be it in hospitality, retail, food & beverage, commercial, medical and residential spaces. One gets the perfect finish of a structure as good as it was and even better.

You describe, we recondition.